The Event:

No one really knows exactly when it started. Maybe it was just...natural. A room full of liquored up Dwarves, too crowded to move, one Dwarf pulls another Dwarf who pridefully pulls back...before ya could down a beer, the whole room is full of Dwarves pulling one another. Why, nowadays, it's almost a tradition--almost but not quite, it's more like second nature to pull someone! (\pull McBain)

So if ya ever come to one of our meetings, be ready to get pulled!

Anyhow, we now bring this cherished Dwarven pastime to you, John (or Jane) Q. Exile, in true Dwarven tradition...with lots of BEER!

This is a team event. It's quite simple, really. We put a keg down, and you try to drink it. But, well, it is OUR beer, after all. Do you really think we'd make it easy for you to drink OUR beer? Teams of 4 compete against 5 Dwarves. A keg will be placed and it is your team's duty to drink from it. We will be timing it. The team to have THREE of its members drink from the keg in the least amount of time wins. Since we will be blocking you, you can \pull us as you wish to reach the keg. But, a Dwarf can't help but to fight back... Important! See also Rules below.

The Rules: