The following rules shall be abided by at all times during the games. Failure to abide by these rules may get you disqualified from individual events, and severe violations can get you disqualified from the entire Volympics.

  The Rules:
  1. Dwarves hate rules.
  2. Dwarves hate having to enforce rules even more.
  3. The Dwarven Militia reserves the right to enforce rules as they see fit. Any action which is not covered by a rule but which has the appearance of violating the spirit of these games can get a participant disqualified from any event. We are fair, and abiding by these general rules should avoid any problems. In the event of dispute, however, what we say goes. See also rule #9.
  4. In order to participate in the games, you must belong to a team that is made up of no more than five exiles. In events requiring team participation, only 4 members of each team are allowed to participate, with one alternate. In individual events, such as the boat race, you may have as many (up to 5) or as few (at least 1) members of the team participating at once.
  5. There is no mandatory entrance fee to participate this year, but we do ask that each team please donate a pittiance of 100 coins per team. This helps to buffer just a bit the immense cost to time and resources. Just pass the fee to any chairdwarf.
  6. At no time during the competition may any participant use any of the following items: Purgatory pendant, lunchbox, chain, skristal, lite beer.
  7. Pathfinding is not allowed in any event.
  8. It is the responsibility of the participants to attend all events. The captain of each team must contact the chairdwarf of each team event and schedule a time to compete in that event. If your team does not participate in an event, your team will not be scored for that event. It is possible to miss an event and still win the Volympics.

  9. In all events, it is the responsibility of the participants to record a visionstone. These visionstones will be used in the event that there is a discrepency over who has won. If you fail to record a visionstone, your rights in the dispute will be forfeited.
  10. In addition to these rules, please see any additional rules associated with any of the individual events.