Music Contest
Event Chairdwarf: Callus

We want to give you 1000c!

All you need to do is write a piece of music for the Dwarven Volympics! If we select your song to be played, we'll give 1000c spending money for BEER!

What is this contest?

We're looking for two pieces of music to be played at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Dwarven Volympics. This music should personify the spirit of glorious, drunken competition!

A panel of judges will review all entries and select two (2) pieces of music that best fit the drunken Volympics spirit; one to be played at the opening ceremonies, and the other to be played at the closing ceremonies.

Entering the contest

In compliance with the regulations of Puddleby's Bard's Guild, this contest is only open to members of the Bard's Guild (read why here). If you are a Bard, and would like to submit your music, we need:

Where to send submissions
All entries should be sent to Phineas at
Contest deadline
Submissions should be received by 23:59h, Tue 11 Sep 01. We're usually too drunk to notice -- or worry -- about time zone differences; a little bit on that side of Wednesday will be okay.

What happens if your music is selected

The Volympics committeee will be too involved with the operations of the Volympic games to coordinate the music; the winner(s) will handle their music for the ceremonies.

If we select you as a winner:

Other terms that you should probably know about:

Play fair, play hard, play drunk!