Keg Hunt

The Event:

The Keg Hunt originated back on Shan Deral in the ancient homelands of the great Dwarven Families. Every individual hold, no matter how humble, had a brewery. Every evening the local Dwarves would gather at one hold to drink a beer or two, or several score kegs. All too often the beer would run out before the Dwarves' thirst was sated. If any Dwarf was still standing when the beer ran out, they immediately would start trying to find the next hold that still had some beer. Legend has it that true friends would actually carry their less mobile drinking companions to the next keg.

So in the great Dwarven tradition of searching for that ever elusive next beer we proudly present the ancient and honorable Dwarven keg hunt.

The starting line will be the dock at the west end of town. All contestants must drink one beer, then find the keg that I will be standing next to somewhere on Puddleby Isle. The first three exiles to pour and drink a beer from this keg will be the winners.

The Rules: