The purpose of this scroll is to explain in general how scoring should work.

Overall Score:
Teams of 5 compete in the Volympics. The top 3 teams for the entire Volympics get prizes. Scoring for the entire Volympics is based on which teams ranked best on average in the 6 events.

Event Scores:
Scoring for each event is a little more complicated. Some are individual events and some are team events.

Individual Events:
(Keg Hunt, Boat Race)

With individual events, any or all or even just one of the 5 team members can compete. Only the top score out of the team will count towards the Overall Score. Also, the top 3 contestants for each individual event will receive prizes.

Team Events:
(Drunkathlon, Drunken Pushball, Shuffledwarf, Wildcard)

In team events, 4 members of the team compete together in the event. The ranking for the team event factors directly into the Overall Score. There are also prizes for the top 3 teams of each team event.

See the prizes scroll for a list of prizes.