History by:Grumble and Math

In happier times before the name of Mobius was heard, the Dwarves of the House of Voltar dedicated a series of great games to Voltar, their legendary Father. They named it the Volympics. After a time, they began to invite their cousins who lived nearby, members of the House of Ghrim and the House of Durak. Eventually, all of the great Dwarven Families on the continent of Shan Deral would send a team of their greatest warriors to show how well their House was doing. These warriors began competing in order to gain bragging rights for their House. Once-small competitions grew into great tournaments, and Dwarves prepared all year to compete in the games.

This all ended when the Ascendancy came to rule. Why would Mobius or the Inquisitors ban the Games? It probably became clear to them that such a large gathering of Dwarves from all over the continent would be an ideal time to bring about an uprising. Hence, the true Volympics have never been allowed to convene on the full scale, for indeed it would have been a sure end to Mobius's reign.

The ten mountains on the Volympics logo represent ten of the Dwarven Houses -- the House of Mobu were never permitted to compete, and probably would not have wanted to anyway. Of all the Eleven Houses, they were the most inclined to settle differences with the sword rather than by reason or a friendly contest.

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