The Event:

It's a fine spring in Puddleby. What could be more fun than a footrace around our fair island? Why, racing and drinking at the same time, of course!

The Course:

The course consists of a starting line, 3 relay points, and a finish line.

Course Point Location
Starting Line Near Puddleby Dock
Relay Point 1     Cliff Area in Highlands
Relay Point 2 Hut in Lily Pond
Relay Point 3 Blue Pants Campfire in East Forest
Finish Line Town Center
drunkathlon course map

This map only gives an overview of the course. For details about specific areas, take a look at Tonoto's excellent maps.

The Rules:

Basically, the idea is for each of four members of a team to get a beer baton, drink four beers, run one leg of the course, and hand the beer baton to the next team member.

Four members of each team will be competing, one member for each leg of the race.

Only the team member who currently has the beer baton may push or pull exiles on other teams.

Free Beer!
All members of the team must report to the Puddleby Dock area. The first racer in each team will be handed 6 beers. All other racers in each team will be handed 4 beers. No, you aren't supposed to drink them yet.

Move to Positions
The first racer of each team stays at the docks, while the other members head to their respective relay point.

An Official Start
To start the race, Glorak will shout "Go!". At this point, the first racers need to hand one beer to Glorak, and drink 4 beers in sight of Glorak. Make sure to keep one beer to hand to the next racer! Note that you can do the drinking and handing in any order.

Relay Points
At each relay point, a Dwarven Militia member will be present. When the incoming racer reaches the relay point, they must hand the beer baton to the next racer. The outgoing racer must wait until they have the beer baton, then drink 4 beers. All this must be done in sight of the Dwarven Militia official.

An Official Finish
To finish the race, the final racer from each team must hand the beer baton to Glorak, who will be standing inside the "Sentinel" fence at town center, in the northeast corner of the fenced area (so you don't have to go inside to hand him the beer).

And the Winner Is...
Winners will be determined by who hands Glorak their last beer first, after review of visionstones from the officials at the relay points.

The Fine Art of Handling Beer

With all this beer being handed around, it's important for racers to understand how to do a handoff properly and not accidentally drink your baton.

Other Things to Keep In Mind

It's important that all drinking and handoffs occur in sight of the Dwarven Militia official. Watch out for folks pushing and pulling!

Racers are free to choose their own specific route between relay points. Of course, no pathfinding is allowed.

Racers will be handed the minimum number of beers needed to complete the course. If you think you might accidentally drink your baton, you can go buy a spare beer before the race.

If something happens to a racer (getting lost and falling in east forest, for example), a  R.A.I.D. (Rescue Army of Inebriated Dwarves) will be dispatched. Just tell a Dwarven Militia member.