Boat Race


The Event:

Teams will gather on the beach of Centaur Isle. This is a relay race so 1 member of each team will race at a time. All others must remain on the beach of Centaur Island until pulled. When the appointed judge calls the start of the race, the racers will drink 2 beers and then begin the circuit, which is as follows. The starting line is between Centaur Island and the island directly to the west of it, and must be crossed from the North, rowing South, thus racers must go all the away around Centaur Isle, taking it to port until passing the starting line. From there it goes around the westernmost island passing it to starboard. The Racers will then stop at Thieves Island and drink 2 beers from a keg placed by a DM offical. After the beers have been drunk the racers continue going around the outside (North/Eastern sides) of the island chain, coming around Puddleby Island and turning north (taking the small island on either side), taking Ash Island to port but Thieves' Island and all the other islands to starboard. At the top of Ash island the racers need to enter the northern harbor and stop at the campfire. There they will drink 2 beers before coninuing the race. At Centaur Island the racers must go to port as one must once again cross the starting line from the North. The Racers enter the beach and pull their next racer, who drinks 2 beers and starts the circit again. The last racer, upon returning to Centaur island must pull the event chairdwarf. Racers should take a movie of the event, in case of a protest.

To sum it up.
Start on Centur Island
Drink 2 beers
Race around the north of the islands to Thieves Island.
Drink 2 beers
Race around Puddleby Island and then north between Ash and Thieves island.
Stop at Ash campfire and drink 2 beers
Race to Centaur and go counterclockwise around Centaur before landing and puling next teammate.

Pulling another boat is not permitted and is grounds for disqualification.
You may pre-pour your beers on Centaur island.

In the case of a large number of teams we will have heats of 5 teams per.