Stylunk is a new Clan Lord style tool in the style of Stylus or Stylos (though completely unaffiliated with either of those excellent programs). It was written by HWC Skirwan following the terrifying realization that Stylos doesn't seem to agree with Mac OS X 10.4 (Stylos is scared of tigers!).

Standard boilerplate applies: this is provided with no warrantee or guarantee whatsoever about anything. Sean is not liable if Stylunk eats your hard drive. That said, I'm pretty sure he won't - he's pretty well behaved, and besides he just ate.

Stylunk is share-with-Skirwan-ware; if you like it, share with Skirwan. Seriously, he needs the experience.

Please report bugs to Skirwan in-game, or drop him a line at the Puddleby post office.

So: Download Stylunk

Version History

1.0 - Initial Limited Release

1.1 - Initial Public Release

1.2 - First Batch o' Bugs
  • Bug with bleaching unusual shirts fixed. Kudos to Phroon.
  • Added new clothing items: Belt of the Wild, Stonegirdle, Lava Cloak, orange shirts and pants.
  • Bard belts listed as gold rather than yellow
  • Reset button added. Still uncertain about functionality.
  • UI added for advanced skin support (nonfunctional)
  • UI support added for easy shirt/cloak toggling (nonfunctional)
  • Initial groundwork laid for undyeable items, like lava cloak (nonfunctional)

1.3 - Several Thousand Words
  • You want icons, we got icons. Thanks go out to Small, Eldon, Ann, Joe, and whomever else was involved. I think this is everything.
  • New clothing added: red and blue team jerseys, puma pants. I think this is everything save the elusive puma shirt, which I am beginning to suspect is naught but a fanciful legend passed down through the generations.
  • You can wear a cloak without being one of those blasted Juxtaposeds.
  • Lava cloaks cannot be turned into shirts or discolored. Thanks go out to Garr for the intel.
  • You can't bleach or dye your team jersey.
  • You should now be able to see what I have in mind for the skin dyes interface. I just need to figure out the algorithm and hook that slider up.
  • The interface has changed again. I'll keep trying till I get it right.
  • Slyph got her kegs. They're not very well hidden.
  • All other changes this update are a secret. :)

1.4 - Are We There Yet?
  • Buttons now appear properly under 10.3 - why did nobody tell me about this?
  • Slyph (and other 10.3 holdovers) should be able to see her kegs in the about box.
  • A non-functional menu item whose name happened to be confusing in this context has been removed. Some nice person pointed this out to me and I can't remember who. Thank you, some nice person.
  • I think I've now got every clothing item in the game. Please be rude and demanding when pointing out omissions.
  • The dye and bleach buttons now show a preview of the result. I find this makes experimenting with dyes more productive.
  • The Copy command is enabled and will copy the current image to the clipboard.
  • The reset button has undergone meiosis and has become more useful.
  • Significant internal changes in anticipation of undo support. 'Soon'.

1.4.1 - That's Why My Pencil Has An Eraser, Or Something
  • Pants no longer think they're shirts
  • Helpless Help menu removed
  • New Phroon-friendly Expert View added

1.5 - Now with 40% more kegs!
  • Undo/Redo support.
  • Support for skin dye fading. Thanks, Ann!
  • Support for exporting as GIF, PNG, TIFF, or JPEG.
  • Support for previewing your outfit while running, fighting, or dancing.
  • Support for previewing your outfit against a variety of backdrops (Check the Tools menu).
  • The Help menu is back, but now it does something. Please weigh in if you feel the contents are overly spoilery.

1.5.1 - What an ugly icon!
  • Skin paints added.
  • Pants shouldn't occasionaly try to be shirts anymore.
  • A few more sprites added.
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot.

Software copyright 2005 Sean Kerwin. Images copyright Delta Tao. Anything else copyright its owner. Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate.